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Physical Therapy Types and Benefits

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is the application of manual therapy, modalities, exercise, and education to facilitate healing and promote return of function lost due to injury or illness. A physical therapist performs a comprehensive analysis of movement, which includes identifying joints dysfunction, tissue limitations, muscular imbalances, and structural pathologies. Treatment consists of skilled manual therapy (hands on) with therapeutic exercise that simulates daily movements to rehabilitate the body, restoring maximal mobility and optimal mechanical motion, as well as provide preventative care.

What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Why should you choose to see a physical therapist? A physical therapist will treat acute and chronic pain related to the spine or other joints throughout the body and treat the entire body. The goal is to “fix” the cause of the pain and prevent it from recurring.We specialize in manual therapy.

Physical therapy can help you:

  • Improve flexibility and range of movement
  • Reduce joint stiffness
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Lose and maintain weight
  • Heal from surgery
  • Restore balance and mobility
  • Avoid surgery
  • Rebuild and retain muscles
  • Promote independence
  • Improve gait and running
  • Foot analysis and lower extremity biomechanics

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

Almost everyone requires rehabilitation after an injury. If you’ve been injured or you are recovering from orthopedic surgery, your first priority is to treat your problem. After a specialist medically evaluates your condition and tells you that it is safe to participate in physical therapy, a physical therapist will evaluate, treat, and educate you with your specific problem. There are many conditions that a physical therapist can help you with.Hand therapy after surgery

Some questions to help you decide whether you need a help from a physical therapist include but are not limited to:

  1. Do you feel pain in your muscles and/or joints?
  2. Do you have grinding noises or pain within a joint?
  3. Have your muscles become weak and tight?
  4. Did you have head injury recently or a car accident and from that time suffer from headaches, dizziness, problems with feeling and controlling the body?
  5. Did you recently have an operation on your shoulder, knee, or hip?
  6. Do you have scoliosis?
  7. Do you have balance problems?
  8. Did you suffer an athletic injury?
  9. Have you had joint replacement?
  10. Do you have a neurologic condition such as stroke, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, or traumatic brain injury?

If you have answered “yes” on any of these questions, we suggest you call TEAM Physical Therapy; you may be in need of physical therapy treatment.

What Types of Physical Therapy Do You Provide?

Our staff is highly experienced and certified in many different types of physical therapy, including: