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Geriatric Physical Therapy

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Geriatric physical therapy addresses the complex needs of older people, focusing on health promotion and the prevention and treatment of disability in the elderly. 

Our bodies undergo a lot of wear and tear in our lifetime, and aches and pains begin to show us just how much as we grow older. Geriatric physical therapy can help you continue to live an active lifestyle by maintaining strength, balance, and mobility.

TEAM Physical Therapy is highly specialized in geriatric physical therapy. Our caring staff can treat balance disorders, stroke rehabilitation, arthritis, and joint replacements. In addition, we have staff that are board certified geriatric specialists and LSVT BIG certified to treat Parkinson’s disease. LSVT BIG principles have been documented to be effective to increase amplitude of limb and body movement in people with Parkinson’s disease. 

We also educate you on fall prevention and how to set up your home to improve your safety.