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Biomechanical Evaluation

Biomechanical evaluation involves the evaluation of the entire kinetic chain of your body consisting of legs, hips, and spine. This includes the angular relationships, range of motion, and dynamic interactions. 

TEAM Physical Therapy can provide a gait analysis or biomechanical evaluation so you can gain the knowledge you need to train better and run and walk stronger. Using proper form will help you train more efficiently and avoid injuries. We will assess your shoes, provide you with exercises, and can mold and fit you with custom orthotics if needed, such as Biomechanical, Sole Supports, Powerstep, and Cascade DAFOs. Serious runners should consider a biomechanical evaluation by an experienced physical therapist.

Tips to avoid injury when training:

  • Avoid over-striding. This puts extra stress on your joints and places you at increased risk of injury. Instead try to take shorter, quicker strides.
  • Stretch. Maintaining proper muscle length and balance is essential to avoiding injury.
  • Rest. No matter what you are training for, take at least one day per week completely off. Also be sure to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night.