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Postural Restoration

Postural restoration looks at a patient’s biomechanical, respiratory, and neurological functional patterns and limitations. This philosophy of postural restoration integrates systems of the body based on examination and intervention process of assessing asymmetrical changes in the body that is taught by Ron Hruska, PT. Several of our TEAM Physical Therapy therapists have studied under Ron and can help patients obtain better balance during movement with exercises, prevent further injury, understand their imbalances, and work to improve their quality of life.

Simply put, our bodies are meant to be balanced during movement, such as how your left arm swings forward as you step with your right leg. Sometimes changes may occur due to weakness, muscle tension, an accident, or even repetitive activity, making our movement unbalanced. Over time, this imbalance can cause pain and injury. The goal of postural restoration is to discover the cause of imbalance and, using a variety of physical therapy methods and exercises, correct the issue to bring balance back to your movement and prevent further injury.

If you believe you have pain due to an underlying imbalance, you may be a candidate for postural restoration. Schedule an appointment at one of our clinics today for a consultation.