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Run Strong: How to Avoid a Running Injury

For a runner, there is nothing worse than missing a workout—or several—due to injury. TEAM Physical Therapy offers free running screens to help you avoid a disappointing and oftentimes avoidable running injury.

At TEAM Physical Therapy, we go the extra mile to ensure that you are running with good form and efficiency to steer clear of future injuries; however, if you do find yourself with a running injury, you can be confident that our trained physical therapists will help you return to running as quickly as possible and gain the knowledge you need to train better and run stronger.

Tips to Avoiding Running Injury 

Avoid Over-Striding. This puts extra stress on your joints and places you at increased risk of injury. Instead try to take shorter, quicker strides.

Stretch. Maintaining proper muscle length and balance is essential to avoiding injury.

Rest. No matter what you are training for, take at least one day per week completely off from running. Also be sure to get at least six to eight hours of sleep each night.

What About Footwear?

There is a lot of talk about shoe types and whether a neutral, stability, or motion control shoe is best. The truth is that this is only a theory and there is no evidence to support it. In fact, research suggests that motion control shoes may lead to more pain and missed training days (Ryan et al. 2011 Br J Sport Med). Choose a shoe that is comfortable for you.

How Often Should I Change My Shoes?

Research shows that shoes lose 33% of their shock absorption after 150 miles of wear and 45% of shock absorption after 500 miles of wear. It is recommended to buy new shoes at least every 500 miles (Cook et al. 1985 Clin Sports Med 4:619-626).

See Us for a Free Running Screen

Do you have pain during or after your run? Do you want to get pointers on your form to avoid a running injury? Schedule a free running screen today at your local TEAM Physical Therapy office to keep your training on schedule and pain free.