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Physical Therapy Speeds Recovery of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries treated by a physical therapist. According to the Journal of Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapy, early treatment of physical therapy rehabilitation following ankle sprains dramatically speeds recovery and return to prior functional activities.

Physical therapy treatments for an acute ankle sprain can include modalities to decrease swelling and pain, open and closed chain exercises to restore ROM and strength, and use of Mulligan taping techniques and mobilizations to restore proper mechanics of the ankle.

In some cases, ankle bracing is also necessary. We have several options of braces available for ordering and will properly fit and instruct in the use of the brace for optimal success.

Any sports related injury can be treated effectively with physical therapy. Our goal is to quickly and safely restore normal strength and ROM and return the athlete back to their respective sports activity in a timely fashion.

We have special training in all types of athletic taping and injury prevention and all forms of preventative bracing available to order for knees, ankles, and shoulders.