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Physical Therapy Aids in Recovery From Pregnancy and Delivery

Giving birth can be a beautiful, life-altering experience. But not every woman escapes pregnancy and delivery without some pain or dysfunction.


  • 34% of new mothers experience incontinence (involuntary loss of urine).
  • 66% of women develop a tear in their abdominal muscle in the third trimester of pregnancy. This can lead to both pain and bowel or bladder incontinence if not treated.
  • 45% of women have pregnancy-related pelvic pain.

Pregnancy and delivery have dramatic effects on a woman’s body and in some cases can lead to pain and dysfunction if not treated. Sometimes women notice persistent problems months after pregnancy, while others do not start having problems until years after pregnancy.

Physical therapy can help with unpleasant symptoms or pain experienced as a result of pregnancy and delivery.

Following pregnancy and delivery, rehabilitating your core and pelvic muscles is key to returning to your daily tasks and caring for your family without pain, incontinence, or other issues.

What is not normal?

  • Back, pelvis, groin, or abdominal pain.
  • Leaking urine, gas, or stool with laughing, coughing, jumping, sneezing, lifting, walking, or running.
  • Leaking urine or stool when you feel a strong urge to go.
  • Pressure or bulging in your vagina or rectum.
  • A bulge in your abdomen when you lift, squat, or exercise.

Some of these symptoms are normal immediately following delivery. However, if your symptoms persist longer than eight weeks post-partum, ask your doctor if physical therapy treatment could help you.

The licensed physical therapists at TEAM Physical Therapy have training in the treatment of women’s health issues. Physical therapy can help your pelvic and core muscles to properly function again, can help alleviate your pain, and improve various types of incontinence.

Our physical therapists can also provide tips to avoid common post-partum pitfalls when trying to return to running or exercise after being pregnant.

Call your local TEAM Physical Therapy clinic today for your women’s health needs.