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McMeen Physical Therapy Is Now TEAM Physical Therapy

TEAM Physical Therapy, P.C. would like to announce the change of name from McMeen Physical Therapy, P.C., to TEAM Physical Therapy, P.C. 

The name change comes with change of management, progressing into the future and rebranding our company. Mary Ross, Richard Still, and Jeff Denson have taken over ownership and management of the company and promise to continue to provide the high-quality physical therapy care that you have come to expect. TEAM Physical Therapy will continue to provide quality physical therapy for central Nebraska and is located not only in Broken Bow but also Burwell, Callaway, Gothenburg, and Kearney. 

McMeen Physical Therapy, P.C., was founded in 1973 with the goal of providing the best physical therapy care in central Nebraska and to bring families back to rural Nebraska to provide the best continuum of health care. 

TEAM Physical Therapy is a proactive and growing private practice group and has progressed into five communities. TEAM Physical Therapy, P.C., has various locations equipped to meet the needs of today’s modern therapy care. TEAM Physical Therapy, P.C., is committed to those communities that they service and will continue to provide physical therapy services for all ages of patients without any delay in care, be active members in the community, and promote quality heath care in rural Nebraska.