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Exercise Can Add More Life to Your Years

What is sarcopenia? Sarcopenia is a loss of muscle associated with aging. If a person does not exercise, sarcopenia is certain to occur. The good news is that sarcopenia can be prevented with appropriately dosed strengthening exercise.

Seniors Bike RideExercise can add life to your years. It can make a positive impact on all aspects of your health if done properly. Improved balance, blood pressure, heart function, lung capacity, and bone strength are just a few benefits. Doing the right type of exercise and the right amount is key to a successful program.

Find out how you measure up. Call us today and ask for an evaluation. One of our skilled physical therapists can assess your strength, balance, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. We can help identify what areas you can improve in to avoid injury; what specific exercises are best for you; and develop a comprehensive, individualized exercise program to improve your overall health.

Top Components of an Exercise Program for Older Adults

  1. Aerobic Exercise. This involves exercises that increase your heart rate. Examples include walking, riding a bike, and swimming.
  2. Strengthening. This involves using some type of resistance, which can include: bodyweight, bands, dumbbells, or machines.
  3. Balance. This includes walking on even and uneven surfaces, climbing up and down stairs, getting up and down from a chair or floor, etc.
  4. Flexibility. Involves stretches to improve your mobility; this should include stretches for your arms, legs, and spine.

Seek guidance from a physical therapist as to which exercises would be the safest and most effective for you to perform on your own.

Call your local TEAM Physical Therapy office near you for an evaluation today to help you avoid a sarcopenia diagnosis.