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Don't Strike Out: Avoiding Baseball and Softball Throwing Injuries

Shoulder and elbow injuries are very common, especially with overexertion during throwing activities.

Baseball and softball throwing injuries in youth sports are on the rise including both elbow and shoulder issues. If a pitcher is throwing too hard, too often, or too many pitches without the proper training or rest it can lead to significant increase in risk of injury to their elbow or shoulder.

What if you have elbow or shoulder pain during throwing activities?

The good news is physical therapy can help! At TEAM Physical Therapy, we work closely with your physician, coach, and family to ensure you are progressing well. We can improve your throwing mechanics and muscle balance to decrease pain during throwing activities.

You will see the same physical therapist at every visit to ensure your concerns and needs are properly addressed.

We are skilled in techniques to help restore your range of movement, strength, and stability as soon as possible and return you back to play. We’ll help ensure you throw a strike—not strike out! See our throwing experts today.