Are You Suffering From Rotator Cuff Pain?

What Is the Rotator Cuff?

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that help stabilize the shoulder. Injury to the rotator cuff can happen over time due to overuse and strain of the shoulder or from a traumatic injury such as a fall.

Physical therapy can help reduce pain and restore shoulder ROM and function. Physical therapy will also help restore proper mechanics of the shoulder joint with emphasis on improving the strength of the scapular muscles, as well as the rotator cuff.

Physical therapy is often very successful in managing rotator cuff pain and can help some people avoid surgery.

What if I Have to Have Surgery?Human Rotator Cuff

Physical therapy can help you prepare for surgery, as well as help you recover from surgery.

At TEAM Physical Therapy, we will work closely with your physician to ensure you are progressing well. You will also see the same physical therapist every visit to ensure your concerns and needs are properly addressed. We are skilled in techniques to help restore your ROM and strength as soon as possible.

It’s Your Choice…Choose Right!

TEAM Physical Therapy offers one-on-one, individualized treatment at five locations in Nebraska. If leaving your home is a concern, call us to arrange an in-home visit. Walk-ins welcome.