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  • Stay Pain-Free This Planting Season

    Common gardening tasks, such as digging, planting, weeding, and mulching can cause stress and strain to our muscles and joints. The following tips can hep you avoid pain or injury. Warm up before gardening (e.g., take a ten-minute walk). Changing positions frequently to avoid stiffness and cramping. Take...  Read More...

  • McMeen Physical Therapy Is Now TEAM Physical Therapy

    TEAM Physical Therapy, P.C. would like to announce the change of name from McMeen Physical Therapy, P.C., to TEAM Physical Therapy, P.C. The name change comes with change of management, progressing into the future and rebranding our company. Mary Ross, Richard Still, and Jeff Denson have taken over ownership and management of the company and promise to continue to provide the high-quality physical therapy care that you have come to expect.  Read More...